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Hi Love!


My name is Nicole Sunseri, Owner and Lead Planner of First Impressions. From my very first job I knew I wanted to be in the hospitality industry so I went to College to earn a B.A. in Hospitality and Event Management. During this time I worked full time with an array of  catering and event companies which has provided me now with 6+ years of experience in the industry.


My career in the hospitality and event world began in a small family owned Italian restaurant as a hostess where I learned my love for welcoming new faces into my home with open arms. As I learned new skills I found myself taking on roles such as being a waitress, supervisor and banquet manager; entailing me to plan, coordinate and staff all the banquets that occurred. As the industry grew and trends navigated to hosted events at wineries I found myself following by becoming the Wedding and Events Manager at a local winery where everyday was picturesque. This opportunity led me to being a Catering Sales Manager at a large tech company where I was planning multiple high profile events a day. The passion I put into the execution of each an every event grew my unique style on how I use my creativity to fulfill my client's overall vision for their event.




The months of planning and fast pace arrangements all are rewarded the moment I see one spouse standing at one end of the aisle as the other spouse gazes into their eyes from the other side. Call me crazy but every couple I have coordinated such moments for I begin to get tears in my eyes as I hide behind the pillars, staying out of the photos that are capturing every aspect of their love. At this moment I know all our hard work has perfectly come together. Meeting each unique and inspiring couple with their own quirks and twists makes my job, my hobby.


My goal at First Impressions is to take the stress that comes with planning an event off your shoulders so that you can enjoy this moment with your friends and family. I will assist in all communications and design aspects if you wish. As a wedding and event planner I want you to remember one piece of advice; this day is not about the shade of pink your flowers arrive in, it's not about the long lost cousin that couldn't make it, it is about you and the love of your life uniting as one forever. With me as your planner, you will be a guest at your own wedding. 


Now that you know all about me, grab a glass of champagne, relax and tell me your story! 



Nicole Sunseri

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